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Kyodo Bowlathon 2011

Bowlathon was a success this year as we bowled pin-per-pin to raise money for UCLA’s NSU Culture Night!

We also had a nice visit from our friends from Cal Raijin Taiko Brandon Yanari and Andrew Jiang!

Didn’t get a chance to sponsor a Kyodo member to bowl their hearts out? It’s alright you can still donate to our fundraiser right here on our website. Just click the donate button above!


Crystal was ready to Bowl!


3 Generations of Kyodo! Seigi, Masumi, Kyle Graycar


Reid getting ready to strike!


Kyodo at AMF Bowling in Venice, and Andrew and Brandon from Cal Raijin


Introducing Kyodo Taiko 2010-2011!

Pictures are up from our mini photo shoot with Rough|Draft Media.

See them in our Photo page or click below:


Donate to Support Kyodo Taiko in Hosting Intercollegiate Taiko Invitationals 2011

Hi Everyone!

Our team would like to take time to ask for donations from the Taiko Community.

Every year in California, the Intercollegiate Taiko Council holds an Invitationals for all the Collegiate groups, to play together, showcase, and learn from the masters that are willing to travel and donate their time.

This year, invitationals is being held at UCLA and will be hosted by Kyodo Taiko and Yukai Daiko. We are looking to raise a lot of money for equipment, transportation, feeding the hungry taiko players, renting venues, and much more. Here is the Paypal link to donate to raising money for the Intercollegiate Taiko Invitationals for 2011.



Here is the donation button. I hope you all will help us out as fundraising is always challenging for every taiko group! Every donation will help.

UCLA Kyodo Taiko 2010-2011